Interview with Pascal Meyer

One eye on his mobile phone, the other on his plate and yet somehow still keeping an eye on me…this is an apt description of Pascal Meyer having lunch at Le Café des Bains. This ever-changing character is the founder of the most off-the-wall on-line sales website in Switzerland – We caught up with Meyer the mould-breaker during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

How did you become "head otter" – your much-coveted title at
The stars aligned – and how! I’m from Jura – from Bassecourt in the Delémont valley. When I was 15, I headed towards civilization over in Lausanne, where I did a commercial high-school certificate, while creating a start-up for websites to pay for my studies. In 2005, I launched with the idea of creating a website, or rather a community based around a philosophy of sharing experiences, all in a spirit of fun, and ploughing all the profits back into the company. Now there are almost 100 of us working at Bussigny, and the website has 510,000 qoqasians who follow us, give us input, love us, hate us…

What do otters eat at Le Café des Bains?
I am an unconditional fan of the spit-roasted chicken which is simply delicious, and the Noix de Saint-Jacques scallops which are a must! I love this place. I’ve been coming for ages, the waitresses always welcome you with a smile and then there is an added bonus that delights my inner geek – namely it has every possible kind of mobile phone charger! How perfect is that?!

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